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Manual regrade 1Mb -> 2Mb rejected without trying?

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Manual regrade 1Mb -> 2Mb rejected without trying?

We are currently on 1Mb, but want to upgrade to 2Mb After speaking with PM support, we put in an upgrade request. This was rejected as we are just over the limits for 2Mb.

The BT checker says 1Mb max (and seems to think we still have ISDN installed!!!) and a woosh test on our line confirms the following:

xDSL Status Check OK
Circuit Information
Circuit In Sync
Upstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 27 dB
Cell Count 1335407278
Downstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 44 dB
Cell Count 1143293216

I contacted PN support and explained that, based on the experiences of others in these forums and elsewhere, our line should be fine for 2Mb (although not within BTs conservative limits).

They submitted a manual regrade, but this has been rejected after 2 days and the ticket updated with:

"Your line is out of limits for 2Mbit, and BT will reject any order we place for this."

It looks like a manual regrade hasn't even been tried, as this says BT *wll* reject any order, not *did*. As others on these forums have been upgraded to 2Mb with worse line levels than us, I don't understand.

Can anyone @ PN help with a manual regrade? Ticket number is 16371155.

Thanks in advance!

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Manual regrade 1Mb -> 2Mb rejected without trying?

The woosh test uses information provided to PN from BT.

Unfortunately BT are enforcing 43dB as a maximum for 2Mb, and if Plusnet were to push through your order it would certainly be rejected.

With regards to the checker thinking you have ISDN, it is giving you this message because your line has ADSL. So it shows as an 'incompatible device'.
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Manual regrade 1Mb -> 2Mb rejected without trying?

Hopefully with the advent of the RAMBO devices, you should get that 2mb. That is unless the rambo devices come pre-programmed with the same limits.

Can anyone answer this? Are the RAMBO devices inteligent, and keep pushing the line regardless of stats, until its flaky, then drop back a level - or does it simply perform its own little woosh test and connect you at a rate it deems fit?

Do they go in 0.5mb speed jumps, or is it a linear rate, so people could get 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 mbs etc all the way to 8mbs?

Either way I am hoping that these boxes will solve the problems for many in the OP's position

Manual regrade 1Mb -> 2Mb rejected without trying?

I finally got my 1MB this morning (thanks to DT submitting a manual order Cheesy ), despite the checker saying I was out of range. As I'm also reading 44db (from my router and a plusnet woosh test), I guess we'll both have to live in hope the limits are relaxed, even a slight increase (we'll settle for 45!) would be sufficient for 2MB. Alternatively, if it's rate adaptive, I'd settle for 1.9MB!