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Manual order regrade


Manual order regrade

i placed a manual order to regrade my account to the new offering. this is the email i got back.

PlusNet are pleased to confirm that your ADSL regrade to PlusNet
Premier Option 1 (Annual Contract, No Modem) is now complete.

Any requested speed change to your broadband service will take half a
to activate.

If you have any further queries, our friendly Support team can be
via the convenient Contact Us facility at our website,, or by telephone on 0845 1400200.

Kind regards,

Customer Support

Does this mean i will get the upto 8mbs tommorow ?

or am i kidding myself.
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Manual order regrade

That looks like it's just a standard automated response to your account being changed over, and doesn't appear to refer to any actual speed regrade being submitted.

The easiest way to check is look at the length of the ticket, if its only two entries, then this won't include a speed regrade, as these tend to be a little more lengthy in order to track the order prorgress with BT.


Well i had to give it a go....

all this means is is now only have a 15gb peak limit....grrrr

is there anyway i can check if my account/line has been submitted to bt for maxdsl ?