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Make it simple and start again


Make it simple and start again

Having read through countless complaints about restrictions on speed etc, I've concluded that the whole thing is a farce and hopelessly out of control.
It would be easier to understand quantum physics than the rule book of allowances.
One thing is clear though, the Premier product is not Premier, and is in fact a budget product.
I would respectfully suggest that the Premier range is replaced with four other products
Budget. A budget product suitable for many users with a reasonable cap (20G) and no restrictions on times or applications.
Basic. A mid range product with a peak time 20G cap plus an off peak allowance.
User. A dearer product similar to basic but with a 30g peak time cap and an off peak allowance.
Pro . A full price full feature product, there are many people who want to make full use of the internet, who understand the costs and will pay a premium to use it.

I would suggest the prices should be around £22, £25, £30 and £45+.
Same as now, the lower users will subsidise the higher users to a degree, however no one will need to suffer from petty restrictions

Of course, these figures are only a rough guide and will need tweaking. Also, the names and prices might need changing.
With this type of product structure you will know exactly what you are getting and paying for without the need to have a degree in maths.
When 4/8Mbs speed are available nothing would need changing, all the products would stay as they are, with either a free or paid for upgrade, depending on the cost to Plusnet or BT's generosity.
In addition, the caps can be raised in line with the expected fall in costs of supplying ADSL without the need of reams of jargon saying what you can and can’t do.

Anyway, it’s just an idea, Plusnet’s prices are too cheap and the service is bound to reflect this.
As a light user (max 15G) I’m not yet affected by all of the seemingly endless combinations of what you can and can’t do. However, if I were, I would rather pay more and go elsewhere

Make it simple and start again

me like ^ idea Wink

ITs all to complex atm. I'm an experienced user. well aware whats going on. but if it takes me more than 1 reading to grasp it. then i feel sorry for anyone with no background in broadband/computers in general

Make it simple and start again

I would agree.

As a premier customer i paid for an unmetered service which is now taken away.

Other providers charge as little as £30 plus vat for the service we are all looking for and am i not mistaken in saying that premier was £29.99 a month till you reduced it to £21.99. (why if you were going to have to do this)

Now it seems to me that your custmoer base that paid £29.99 seems better to put the price back up for the service other than move to another (zen seem the best).

Now give us our speeds back or face a fate worse than star wars galaxies!
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Make it simple and start again

The "make it simple" philosophy is alien to those who come up with Plusnet's rules. Why they dig ever deeper into arcane degrees of complexity is beyond me - a bit like Gordon Brown who adds silly rule to silly rule until nobody at all can understand the tax and benefits system.
But Brown does it on purpose to confuse people, I think Plusnet do it simply because the guys in charge can't think clearly.

Even I have ceased trying to understand what they are on about with their limits on various types of traffic (I don't know what most of the types mean anyway), and with their different peak times depending on traffic type, and their ever-increasing range of metalic classifications for the traffic. What they will do when they reach Osmium is anybody's guess.

All that's needed is a straightforward cap of clean usage per user, depending on account type, after which you're throttled . And a peak time of x hrs to y hrs.

But that's too easy, I'm afraid.

I don't think Paulwade has the information to propose a pricing structure, and with the downmarket direction Plusnet is headed in, they aren't going to offer a range of prices dearer than the likes of Tiscali.

But generally, he is correct in that the whole pricing and monitoring structure is now a rats' nest and should be scrapped in favour of something simpler.
But I'm sure it will only get worse.

Make it simple and start again

and their ever-increasing range of metalic classifications for the traffic. What they will do when they reach Osmium is anybody's guess.


Although of little confidence, I thought I would just let you know that the ellacoya is only capable of having 7 bands in total. 5 of those have been taken up ( 1 of which hasnt been activated yet ) which leaves a further 2.

As I said, I dont think it will add any confidence, nor do I expect it to but I thought I would let you know of this bit of info Wink
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Make it simple and start again

Thank you Tom.
So short of an ellacoya upgrade, there's only iridium and 90/10 stainless to go.

I'm sure that they'll want more than another two though, so they can complicate it beyond the understanding of all Nobel laureates.
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Make it simple and start again