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Mailing Lists


Mailing Lists

Using the My Circular option, when you create a list (eg My List) it would be nice if a Webmail box was automatically created with the same name and the email address of that box (eg automatically inserted into the details for the list.

Assuming that a mailbox is named in conformance with the address used for a list that exists, then the parameters of that mailbox should be altered when the options are changed in the My Circular page.

Page forwarding does not work if you use your own value for the GOTO_URL field in the script, at least not if you are using a url like

It would be nice if the email contact lists were automatically inserted into the users SQL database so that PHP users could easily list the members of their lists. Support routines to do this would be nice.

Support routines should allow list members to specify other details such as country, region, town, address, interests and optionally make those public/private to ..

1) named by eamil adress
2) qualified as privileged members (admin)
3) qualified as full members (regular contributors as per listed defined criteria)
4) qualifies as members (not so regular contributors)
5) qualified as new members (meeting neither of the previous two criteria)

My Circular should have the options ..

1) automatic reply to registration, manual acceptance, deletion of membership
2) automatic notification of manual acceptance of membership application
3) must confirm registration with the list by email reply


A nice touch would be the ability to customise registration with the ability to specify questions that applicants must optionally/definitely answer, eg ..

A) Q is optional/compulsory
B) Q text is etc etc
C) Q response is selected/free text


A) Compulsory

B) What is your age ?



Note that while the last suggestion appears quite difficult to implement it only requires ..

1) One field in the main registration table to indicate whether or not registration is an opt in or vetted procedure, eg value zero or ID of current entry in this same table

2) Another table that has entries:
a) ID (as above)
b) optional/compulsory
c) question text
d) options delimited by ^ (where no ^ is the same as free text response)


Obviously I am considering the obvious fact that Plus Net is a powerful system for any home user and that its flexibility to the business user is one of its great selling points Cheesy

Thus ...

failure to meet the requirements of one list may allow the list administrator to refer the applicant to another list by means of a single click that replies by email with preset text.

So ...

each list should have the potential for default reply on application and for default replies on acceptance/rejection

In the case where acceptance is automatic only the option of entering a default reply is available to the list manager


Hope these suggestions are useful.

You have accepted several other suggestions of mine, including the one that suggested that connection should be available after failed payment and one or two guides related to PHP scripting, so I hope these will prove equally useful.

NB, wrt to the first, I feel that a few days to a week is insufficient, you should allow customers to connect to the portal for 5 weeks even if their payment has failed because ..

obviously people about to go on, currently enjoying, and just returned from holiday may have many things to deal with before, during and after a holiday.