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Mailing List problem


Mailing List problem

I opened a ticket on this a week ago, but have had no response yet, so I thought I would ask the community if anyone else had seen a similar problem.

I have a mail list set up (been running for 18 months or so) and recently one of the subscribers has stopped receiving the messages. He can still post to the list, he is still subscribed, but nothing is ever sent to him. :? If you put his email addy as an addition to the addressees he receives the email, but not if it is only through the mail list address.

All other subscribers are receiving messages with no problems.

I should add that he is also a plusnet customer (he has a free-online email address) and so may himself be affected by the current email problems.

Anybody got any clues as to what might be causing this?

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Mailing List problem


One of my colleagues in the CSC has been looking into this, I think he's seen a couple of other reports of problems with mailing lists. He's putting all the information together now to pass on to the network team to look into for you.

Mailing List problem

Just to keep this bubbling along....

It now transpires that there are two different people, on different mailing lists of mine, experiencing the same problem - one, as I said, is a customer of free-online, the other is a customer of f9!

I think I see a pattern emerging!

I've added some details to the ticket, but I would still be interested to hear of anyone else experiencing similar problems.