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Mail update (comments)

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Mail update (comments)

For any comments on the Mail update announcement Please use this thread.
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Mail update (comments)

I'm not sure about the action of removing the catch all mailboxes by default, and I hope that Plusnet will allow people to use it in this manner if they need to. The benefit of the catch all address is that I can make up email addresses as and when I want, and I use this facility to monitor which companies give out my email addresses.
For example, if I have to give an email address to, say netgear when I register a product, I use the email address This helps me to keep track on who may be sneakily giving away my address.

If catch all is taken away, at best I will have to set up the email address, either as a separate mailbox which means another account added into Outlook, or as a redirect to the main mailbox.

I understand that people are having a nightmare with spam at the moment, but not having this issue myself (I think I got less than a dozen spam mails last year) I would prefer to continue with the current setup. Certainly go ahead with the changes, but allow people to opt out of it if they want to....
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Mail update (comments)

I would like to see the catch all removed, if this will significantly reduce spam and free up resources. I would be happy to invest the time to set up additional mailboxes as a price to win the benefits.
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Mail update (comments)


The plan for the catch all mailboxes will work something like the following. For new customers the catch-all will be off by default and they will be able to set up an alias (their first name by default e.g. dave@...) to alongside postmaster@... Once created they will be able to add additional aliases as well as redirects and mailboxes as you do now and they can also switch on a "catch all" alias should they wish.

For existing customers we'll be sending out notification that we intend to change how the catch-all works and there will be a "click here" type link to keep the catch-all as it is. For everyone that clicks it, the catch-all will remain, if you don't then the catch-all will be removed and the mailbox changed to the same as for new customers and you can of course switch the catch-all back on if you wish.
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Mail update (comments)


For example, if I have to give an email address to, say netgear when I register a product, I use the email address This helps me to keep track on who may be sneakily giving away my address.

I use the catch all mailbox in exactly the same way. I would be very unhappy if this facility was removed.

Mail update (comments)

Also use the catch all mail box in exactly the same way and would not like this option removed completely.
So long as an option to keep it is made available and we are informed in plenty of time then it would be OK.

I have had no real problem with spam so far as I try and be careful with whom I use / share my plusnet email addresses with.
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Mail update (comments)

Please tell me that they are ditching that awful @mail program!

Did it come free on a magazine cover?
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Mail update (comments)

Nope, it's a paid-for solution that we had to do a lot of development work on to integrate.

There are plans for a better webmail (have a look at our Plan for 2007 doc here). No timeframes yet, but it will come.
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Mail update (comments)

I use catch all but only because PlusNet's procmail (if that's what they use) configuration doesn't allow email to be sorted as I would like:

I (also) give out email addresses with the name of the recipient in but I prefix my name for my mailbox, and my wife's name for hers. e.g.
paul-netgear@pacem.... or claire-netgear@pacem...

This is a recognised standard. (You should find it works with your google mail account!)

If this were supported within PN's mail processing then I would have no need for the catch all.


Mail update (comments)

The standard notification when an account has been blackholed reads :-
If you still require access to this mailbox and would like the blackhole
restrictions removing then please contact our customer support team by raising
a ticket using our online Help assistant

Surely an email from the main account mailbox to a specific email address, with a pre-determined subject line which could be automatically processed would help reduce Customer Support effort, rather than having us raise a ticket which mut be read and actioned by one of your precious humans.

I've seen various other situations where an automated process for simple things would have been beneficial, but you don't seem to use this approach - is this policy, is there a reason an automated approach is not used ?

Mail update (comments)

I also use the catch all mailbox in the same way, and for the same reasons, as 'pjemmanuel'. I value this feature and would not like to lose it.


Does anyone know when?

Anyone know when we're going to be able to remove the catchall address, I thought the option was going to be available in Feb.

I use a mailbox at the moment and then anything that I sign up to or use I do what quite a few people are doing and add a redirector. This method means I get no spam although I do get tonnes and tonnes to the catchall address.

My catchall is just left for dead, probably thousands of mails in there, so it would be nice to tidy this up by removing it.
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Mail update (comments)

Hi there,

This is currently shaping up to be mid March, although the project is in the testing phase at the moment so the rollout date depends on the outcome of said testing.

Either way, it will be very soon. Smiley

In the meantime you can blackhole your default mailbox if need be by raising a ticket.
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New Webmail App?

Is there any news yet on what the new webmail app will be?

Mail update (comments)

In regard to the amount of spam, what is being done to combat the outrageous amount being accepted by AUTOTURN and MX.LAST directly, skipping our primary mx record address?

We use a 3 layer system to combat spam:

Stage 1: We block emails from countries by IP range that we have no dealings with, but whitelist the odd customer/supplier IP address outside the UK. This is done using EX-FILTER from CMSCONNECT.COM which works incredibly well. We've seen a reduction by as much as 90%, not including mail received via Autoturn/MX.Last.

Stage 2: GFI Mail Security - Antivirus/Trojans/Attachments etc

Stage 3: GFI Mail Essentials - Baysian/DNSBL/Blacklisted Email Addresses/Keywords etc etc

How is all this affected by email from Autoturn & MX.Last?

Because Plusnets Autoturn delivery IP address ( is a UK address, we either block it completely or accept everything from it.

The amount of email of which 99.999% is spam coming from Autoturn/MX.Last is in the region of 1500-2500 emails per day, non of which can be filtered by country of origin. This means stages 2 and 3 have to do all the donkey work of checking the contents, the blacklisted phrases etc etc which adds up to a fair bit of processing time and delays. Now 99% of all this mail originates from outside the UK, we don't want it, don't need it and shouldn't have to process it.

Comments would be welcome from Plusnet about this.