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Mail questions-tools not working?


Mail questions-tools not working?

I have seen this question asked but not answered.

In my tools options the folder manager and e mail rules are greyed out? Why is this?

The “personal folder” is useless, I can’t use it all, why?

In addition, why is there no option to check mail as unread? This is a feature I use with yahoo all the time to make me answer mail that would otherwise get forgotten.

My account is -PlusNet Broadband Premier Option 1, surly this would include such simple features as mentioned above? :?:
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Plusnet Staff
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Mail questions-tools not working?


The folder manager option is only available if you login to email using IMAP (you can select this on the login page), it's not available under POP3.

Doesn't look like the @mail software that we use for webmail has a mark as unread/read, I guess the only way around it is to use IMAP and move the mails to a seperate folder.
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Mail questions-tools not working?

Whateveryou do, DO NOT move any emails to folders when in pop3 mode as you will never be able to get them back!!!

Mail questions-tools not working?

Thank you both very much. I'm not really clear on what IMAP is, but I will investigate.

Peter, I have never moved any mail to date, I have been watching the form here and have been very hesitant about using Plus Net for my mail due to all the problems that have/are been reported.

Thanks again Cheesy

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