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Mail problems

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Mail problems

Ok heres my problem i use pop peeper ,outlook and also my website has been pointed to my plus net web account and for some reason or another i cant access any mail at all......any ideas?? i know plusnet are having some sort of issue but surely not for 2 days..... :roll:
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Mail problems

Just checked statys pages it's down again for some users.

09/07/2006 @ 14:18 Email Issues- Update
This is an update to the recently reported mail issues, affecting both collection of new mail and mail stored on our servers. Because of this issue we are receiving many phone calls and questions from customers. Please wait for updates to Service Status rather than contacting us for any email issues today.

In addition to the work carried out on the mail platform recently, we suffered a major failure this morning, meaning customers will see authentication problems when trying to access mail and will not have access to any data stored on our servers. Internet connectivity and other hosted services such as webspace are not affected.

It has now become evident that some PlusNet customers are affected.

The authentication issues are expected to be resolved before 18:00 today, our engineers are aware of the cause and are currently implementing the resolution.

The data storage issue is still under investigation at present so at this stage no timescale can be given for the resolution. Nor can we give definite information as to the scale of the data loss or any possible recovery.

As soon as our engineers have further information a further update will be provided. The next scheduled update is at 16:00.

Kind Regards
Mand Beckett
Customer Support


The whole mail service is going from one crisis to another. Surely by now PN must relaise that customers should be offered some sort of recompence for such a mess. A whole week with a major component going up and down like a yoyo is something that needs to be redressed on behalf of the customers who have not yet jumped ship.

A good will gesture of some sort would probably satisfy most users esp those for whom e-mail had been lost, despite this mirrored system which, does not keep backups.