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Mail password verification


Mail password verification

I just noticed that when entering your password for accessing your PlusNet mail, whether it is through webmail or entering it into your mail browsing application, it is possible to get into your mailbox even if you accidentally enter additional characters at the end of your password. e.g. password is "password" but you enter "password1234" you will still get authenticated and get access to your mailbox.

Can someone at PlusNet check this? Seems there is a bug in the script that does the string matching of the password.
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Mail password verification

Just tried webmail and it rejected my password with additional characters tacked on. All OK on my account

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Mail password verification

Hi there,

I just tried what you have reported via webmail and it would not let me in this is the error message I received
Your username and password were not accepted - please check your details and try again.

I suggest you report this to plusnet through the contact us system, or give them a ring
It may be an error on your account

Try it with one of your additional mailboxes

I just tried it with my main mailbox and it didn't work, but it happens on all the additional bajaria+xxxxx mailboxes!

Mail password verification

Just got into my account by doing my password and then ' 1234' (notice the space before the numbers, make sure you try that!)

Not good really is it!
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Mail password verification

Passwords on our systems can only be 8 characters long. If you enter a longer password it will be truncated and the password stored on our system will just be the first 8 characters of what you have chosen.