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Mac Code, how does it work


Mac Code, how does it work

Sorry for being dumb, but can someone explain the process.

1 I request and get mac code off PN, and give to new ISP.

thats all I know, what about being charged, if i give new ISP mac code, when does my service begin with them? After the 30 day notice period from PN.

I just dont want to be charged by PN AND another ISP for BB in the same month is all. Sorry to be a bit of a noob at this.

Mac Code, how does it work

You can only obtain a MAC by raising a ticket through the portal (Help & Support, Customer Services & Billing, Account Management, Request a MAC key).

Your 30 days notice starts from the day you request your MAC. If you do not use your MAC within 30 days then it lapses and your Plusnet account continues as normal - you do not get disconnected. Your monthly payment will be taken in full during your notice period.

Once you have your MAC you can can sign up with a new ISP who will arrange the transfer through BTw. Once the transfer has gone through then you need to tell Plusnet that you have migrated away and request a refund for the period paid for in excess of your 30 day notice period.

If you do not want to pay both ISP's in the same month then you will need to find out how long your new ISP will take to migrate you (typically 7 to 14 days) and use the MAC code on a date which will allow migration to take place towards the end of your notice period.

If you do a search on this forum you will find many threads on this subject.

Mac Code, how does it work

To be honest, with all the crap on the forum at the moment due to the standards slipping, i couldnt be bothered searching, but no matter, a very kind person PM'd me full details, thanks for your reply also...a mod can now lock this topic
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Mac Code, how does it work

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