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Mac Address?


Mac Address?

Do I need a mac address to change ISP provider? If so do I have to cancel my account before this is given out?
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Mac Address?

A mac Address and a Mac Code are totally seperate things

Mac Address - Media Access Control Address is a code which is unique to your router or network card etc

Mac Code - Migration Authorisation Code is the code in which you need from Plusnet to be able to move to another ISP who accepts Mac Code (most but not all ISPs accept Mac code and you need to find out before hand) You need to ask a question via the help section asking for your mac code, they will reply telling if your eligible which is based upon if you owe money for hardware, previous migration, if its a monthly or annual contract and if its annual if your still within your 12months and also if your on an LLU service (possible but more than likely your not.) They will then provide a Mac Code which initiates your 30days notice, the Mac code is only valid for 30 Days and in this time you must hand the code over to your new ISP who will inititate the transfer. Once the transfer is complete Plusnet will be notified and your account with plusnet will be terminated or downgraded to a free account.

Hope this helps.

Mac Address?

Cool thanks,

Better find an isp than doesnt need the 'Mac Code' (they cant all be this rubbish) 'when I pull the plug on plusnet then.

No point asking the help section as they are one step higher than a herb but dafter than an amoeba........

Unfair yes I retract this (honest) Wink