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MS Outlook email Sync over ADSL


MS Outlook email Sync over ADSL


I want to sync my MS Outlook email with my corporate Exchange server. Before ADSL, I could do this very simply with a dial-up connection by

- Connecting to dial-up account(like BT Openworld)
- Activate Secure Remote on my laptop
- Open MS Outlook
- Sync

Now this does not work over my new +net ADSL. I can still update the Secure Remote password over the ADSL, but MS Outlook fails to sync.

I am using a wireless Speedtouch ADSL modem/gateway with NAT, and have a static IP address allocated to me by +net.

I have been told that this could be due to my ADSL modem ports not being open.

Any help will be appreciated !



RE: MS Outlook email Sync over ADSL

Although we don't officially support this type of connection problem I definitely try and telnet to the mail server on the port that you use to download your email.

If you are unable to connect to the server ensure that your firewall is not blocking the ports and also ensure that you have access with your IP address on to the corporate network.

Just to add, we will not be blocking the ports with the account type that you have.

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