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MOVE TO button moves off screen


MOVE TO button moves off screen

If you have a lot of email and are going down the list - the move to button and corresponding input field scrolls off the screen. I think it would be much more intuitive if the button stayed put.
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MOVE TO button moves off screen

What beta webmail interface are you using?

What sever type are you using?

What browser and version are you using?

What windows version are you using?

In related to your problem... what screen resolution are you using and are you using large or small fonts?

Without the above it will be dificult for the developers to know what you are talking about or reporduce the problem you are seeing.

Also read this thread which explains about thread title you should use when supplying feedback or reporting bugs.

Feeback on beta webmail interface

I found your reply to my feedback very abrasive.... so I won't pass any more feedback. I took some of my time to help giving positive feedback in the beta product as requested....

So to answer your questions
1) what beta webmail interface - how many do plusnet have? I thought only one.
2) good question - probably ie6+ via pop3
3) Windows verision XP but the problem is also on Win2k (remember its not really a problem more a suggestion on improving the end product)
4) Screen resolution (1024x768 - but I would suggest that again that would not matter much as the problem is releated to having more emails that can be displayed on one screen - so if your using a higher resolution then just try it out with more emails than one screen can cope with.

Hope this helps... but I reckon I will just refrain from providing feedback in future... :-(
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Re: Feeback on beta webmail interface

1) what beta webmail interface - how many do plusnet have? I thought only one.
Nope, three. You can change it from - Professional, Advanced and Simple


Well then I am not above apologising... SORRY...
on the screen I had there was only one link - so didn't know about the others. So I don't know which I was reporting the feedback to...
Maybe the same is true for all of them...
Either way the one I seen was loads better than current webmail, even though it has that "percieved" flaw.