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MIRC problem


MIRC problem

I have a problem with DCC sends and gets using mirc program
This has only happened today and never before
It is not a firewall issue
Could Plusnet be blocking it
Any help would be appreciated



MIRC problem

i'm havin mirc problems i cant get back on to in connection keps timing out Sad

MIRC problem

i had the same the other day but it sorted its self out
but just checked again 2 nite and somethings still not
right , i no its not my end been using mirc for years and
run a file server off it aswell
think i read something somewhere that plusnet had been
replacing routers so Huh
has the ports not been setup right??
guess we will never no!!

Rob Cool

m8ys come in and enjoy

MIRC problem

We've not had any problems connecting to the IRCd's we run, and I haven't had a problem with any dcc features.

MIRC problem

I'm having the same probs - since i guess last night Sad

MIRC problem

There are several causes of problems in mirc, most relating to your equipment or setup.

DCC is a very simple transfer protocol, where is little and no chance of the DCC itself being the cause of failure.

As far as I know, PlusNet do not block DCC in any way. The only restriction is place, may be on the Plus product, though I can't confirm or deny this.

Some of the causes of failure are.

A firewall on a router or computer blocking the transfer.
Whilst you may have configured to allow it, have you checked the logs to confirm this?
Also, have you checked the logs to see if it is being blocked as some form of other attack?

Ways to check this include diabling your fireall for a short period, as a means of confirmation.

Incorrect setup of your router.

This one goes hand in hand with the next item, and depends on which way you are making the transfer. This item applies to if you are sending a file. If your client (not mirc) supports "blocked firewall" mode, see the next item, about receiving, which applies to sending in that mode.

Equaly, if you are receiving a file from a client that has this mode, this item applies.

To send a file over DCC, the remote computer (the person you are sending to), makes a connection to your computer, rather than you to them.

As such, ports must be open and where a router or chain of routers is in operation, then port forwarding must be setup.

DCC works on an invitation basis, where you invite the person to connect to your computer and collect the download (this is secure in that you pick the file, and don't allow free access to the user to pick which file).

If the user accepts the invitation, they connect to your computer, and the transfer starts.

If port forwarding is not setup correctly, then the connection fails, thus the transfer too.

When in "blocked firewall" mode and receiving a file, you are still invited to download, but at the same time, informed there is no way you to connect to the remote system (automated and based on client settings, not a manual task). When this happens, instead of making a connection to the remote system, you send a reply informing the remote side that you have accepted and which port to connect to.

If you are both in "blocked firewall" mode, then the transfer can't be completed at all.

Incorrect setup of remote computer

If receiving a file, and the remote computer is not setup correctly (firewall or port forwarding issues above), then the transfer will fail.

As above in "blocked firewall" mode, an exchange takes place to say that one side can't connect to the other. If your computer isn't setup properly as above, then it will fail.

ALG - Application Layer Gateway

This is the most common cause of DCC problems.

Some routers have the ability to read what DCC transfer you are making to somebody, and setup port forwarding for you.

The problem is, some routers do this poorly, and cause information to be passed to the person you are sending to incorrectly.

One router known to have this issue is the Binatone 2100(?)

MIRC problem

well i had the prob and nothing had changed at all on equipment, however there must be something with the ports and the isp may be...
i just changed my ports to 15000 on wards and its all fine now
can dcc out no probs

try a few dif range ports and allow them as you test in your fw if you need to

MIRC problem

I have this problem too
Was working okay until last week. Have used it for ages with no probs. This must be a plusnet issue if so many of us have the trouble? I have spent ages trying to sort it thinking it was a problem my end but now I reda here it is not!!!!
Plusnet, are you going to sort this or do we lok for another ISP?
I dont want to hear anything about routers, etc as I have `exactly` the same set up settings!!!
If I need to use a get around such as changing the ports, etc then I would appreciate some guidance from you!! I am not a computer wizzo by any stretch.

MIRC problem

For those that are affected by this problem, please perform the following steps.

1: Open the options panel in mIRC.
2: On the left, click the "Options" item under the "Connect" tree
3: Click the button marked "Advanced"
4: Make sure the checkbox "DCC" is ticked
5: Enter a number greater then 1028 in the box marked "first"
6: Enter a number the same as or greater then the number used in step 5 (must be no larger than 65535)
7: Untick "Use random ports"
8: Apply these setting until you reach the mIRC window

You should now setup your router and/or firewall to reflect these ports.

A problem was raised over the weekend regarding something similar, however, it was closed and marked as fixed. However, myself and some other diagnosed that the problem continued to exist this evening, and the problem was reopened.

Although I can't confirm if this is the sause of your issues, the above steps will cure the problem seen by the issues we located this evening.

For referance, the problem found is that ports 1023, 1024, 1025, 1026, 1027 & 1028 are blocked both in from and out to the internet. In addition, connections on these ports are blocked between PlusNet customers, unless they are connected to the same ADSL Gateway.

As mIRC uses 1024 to 5000 as default, transfers will normaly fail. The above changes alter then settings to avoide this problem.

The Problem id raised for this issue is 25690

MIRC problem

talked to PN yesterday (tech)
he says all ports ok nothing blocked

so guess right hand doesnt know wat left hand doing!!!

the problem also with mine is that the one and only bot
in the channel i am in sends dcc out on 1024
so i'm stuffed then no more downloads for me
or is this getting fixedHuhHuh??
will like to know the answer because i use the BB mainly for this
so might have to change isp

Rob Cry

MIRC problem

As noted, it has been raised as a problem. So I woulnd't go to say it's an issue that support should be telling you about it, but rather, it's unknown to them and they have just found out themselves.

I will keep this thread updated as I get feedback on the problem report.

MIRC problem

Small update.

I have been informed the problem has been marked as Fixed with No Fault Found.

I was then asked what my defination of a fault was, which does go to part and parcel of the description and the way I see it.

Right now my stance is that there is neither an explanation or prior notification to the block. I see this as an unknown fault.

There may be a legitmate block in place, that is yet to be explained. However, such things are normaly explained to us before or after the event (it may not be nice to be notified after, but at least we know).

As such, I am treating it as a fault until an explanation occurs or fault recognition takes place.

MIRC problem

Another update.

PlusNet should be providing us with some further information on this later today.

MIRC problem

Well its either happening inadvertantly ie: fault, or its being done delibrately .

II its delibrate they need to start advertising the fact that they are blockiing standard IRC ports even for premier accounts. They can be very sure if that is the case that we will do the advertising for them.

Thanks for all the work your putting in Philip .

MIRC problem

One snag with that statement.

1024 is not a standard IRC port, it just happens to be the default built into mIRC.

6667 and the few above it are the only registered IRC ports.