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MAXDSL Modem trained 7424kbps actual 318kbps WHY ? ? ?

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MAXDSL Modem trained 7424kbps actual 318kbps WHY ? ? ?

i've been on MAXDSL now for 4 days and my modem always says connected at above 7000kbps however the net is so slow and all test show well below 1000kbps download

I know i'm suppose to give it 10 days for them to set the speed however i'm worried it will get set at half a mb as this is what it seems to hover around
well below my old 2mb standard fast connection

anyone know why ? ? ?

alll the best


MAXDSL Modem trained 7424kbps actual 318kbps WHY ? ? ?

Yeahhhhhhh. Dont worry about it...You will get set at your 8000 or as I am 7000 and still get sub-standard speeds.. Im on day 20 and the most I have had is 3500 and that was at 3.30am... Router has said 8128 down and 448 up from day 1. So if I was you dont take any notice of the s.h.i.t.e you have read about maxdsl off this site anyhow
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MAXDSL Modem trained 7424kbps actual 318kbps WHY ? ? ?

From Freedom2surf forums...

BRAS Profile
It was identified early on there were a number of customers who were having their BRAS profile set at 2Mbps despite their lines being able to achieve higher speeds. BT instigated a fix which reduced the number of lines affected; unfortunately they have now identified a separate issue where the BRAS profile is being set but then reverting back to customer's pre-MAX profile. BT has assured us that they are hoping to have a fix in place by the end of May.

and there are many other tales of woe on all isp forums relating to maxDSL.