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MAX Help Please


MAX Help Please

Hi Guys

Was maxed today .. Smiley

But I'm not sure what to do -- seen post on synch rates on routers etc..

a n00b guide to setting it up will be appreciated - All I have seen is to keep it connected as much as possible for 10 days but to disconnect each day for 15mins


MAX Help Please

You basically have it - the once a day disconnetion is a point for debate, but once, twice or a few more times a day shouldn't be a problem, so long as they aren't in quick succession.
Don't worry about keeping things connected 24/7 if its inconvenient - whatever you do, things should settle out in the long run. The 10 day thing is an period which should show you the best you can get, but things are so variable, and Max is so adaptive, that the period continues forever.

The main thing to always avoid if possible is frequent re-boots/re-syncs, which could be interpreted by the BT equipment as a fault or instability on the line - resulting in lower speed. (even if you do have constant re-syncs, your speed would eventually stabilise at the best for you anyhow)

Hopefully it makes sense - if not, ask and either I'll try harder, or somebody more eloquent will have a go!


Thank you kind Sir

Its all a bit weird (but I appreciate it will be like that for a while)

my ftp speeds have rock dropped (236 down to 4Cool

but http is faster than light speed !

P2P is about the same

Day 1 Hour One ... Its all system go as the we head off into the unknown
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MAX Help Please


Best thing to do in the first 10-14 days is really just use it as you normally would. In some cases the thoughput speed doesn't increase straight away and in others sync isn't completely stable. In these cases I'd recommend a reboot once a day if you normally leave the router on all the time, otherwise leave it as you normally would.