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MAC ..........


MAC ..........

I sent a ticket to PlusNet asking:

would like to request a MAC number, before I do would you please confirm that I owe you nothing other than any monies that will cover my 30 days notice
Could you please give me my best date to cancel so that my 30 days will coincide with my payment date ie my next full payment will be my last and I wont owe any more and you wont owe me any

They replied:

he next action on your Contact Us Ticket is due on Thursday 17th November at 9:00am. This ticket will remain open with the Customer Support Centre until this time.Additional information is provided below:

on hold until billing date the issue mac code to co in side with billing date as requested.

I returned the ticket saying

What I was asking is when should I apply for my MAC so not to have PlusNet owe me anything or me owe PlusNet anything
and could you confirm that I owe nothing in regard to activation or migration as I've been a customer over 12 months, please confirm all this and when the best time for me to request my MAC

They promptly replied within 5 mins:

The MAC key is: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
The ticket with this information was added to the account.

The MAC key will be valid for 30 days starting from now.

There are no activation or migration costs needed, however your account will remain open until the migration is completed.

I have not requested my MAC but was trying to find out the best time to request my MAC so I will not or PlusNet will not owe me anything

I'm not 100% certain that I'm leaving I'm still looking around to see what's on offer elsewhere before decide whether to leave or stay

Do they really want to get rid of me as quickly as this?? :roll: Sad

Any PlusNet rep sort this out for me please and cancel the MAC and give me the info I require

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MAC ..........

If you have a MAC key then you need to pay for you account as normal until you have migrated out.

Once you have migrated out we can refund you from 30 days after your request to the end of the billing period, provided you have migrated out by that time.

A MAC key does not have to be used, if you don't use it in 30 days it will expire, and if you then choose to leave you would need to request a new one.

MAC ..........

So if I leave the MAC to expire I will not loose service from PlusNet??

Are PlusNet keen to see me go as it took only 5 mins for them to generate my MAC?Huh