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MAC key


MAC key

What happens if you don,t use your MAC key by the date given?


MAC key

Basically it expires and you remain with your current service provider.

MAC key

If i could just jump on the end of this thread... when i applied for my mac key i had to pay the deferred activation costs which were off the top of my head about £83 (activation and modem) it's down on my account details as fully paid so what happens regarding this if i let my mac key expire without joining another isp ?

I'm basically watching the external newsgroup access with interest, 15GB allowance not a chance i'm off, BUT if it's 15GB at full speed during peak times and at off peak times i can use the external newsgroups with no GB allowance and in the bronze queue then i might consider staying as i only really use my comp at off peak times anyway so the bronze queue speeds wouldn't really affect me.

However it's the word 'Allowance' that's putting me off.
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MAC key


If you have paid your deferred fees and your MAC then expires, your connection will continue as normal.

You can then choose to request your MAC again when you choose, with no deferred costs to pay.

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