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MAC code

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Registered: 21-08-2007

MAC code

How do I get a MAC code so I can leave this useless bunch of fugwits?

One of the tech support team told me that the request has to be in writing?

OBVIOUSLY, they arent going to respond if they can possibly help it, so it would be good to know how it has to be done to get a speedy response....

How long will it take to get one?
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MAC code

Assuming as I am also with this group as a customer I am a ‘fugwit’ I suggest you try;

Click ‘Help and Support’ tab,
Click ‘Help Assistant’ in the Help and Support bar,
Under the ‘Customer Services & Billing’ group click the ‘Account management’ line,
Click ‘Request a MAC Key’ and follow the instructions.

Hope your grass is greener, regards, Colin.
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MAC code

Hi there,

As discussed with you today this will hopefully be resolved for you going forwards.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further issues or queries.