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Lousy Support


Lousy Support

Ticket ID: 19387635.
Lack of ADSL Sync with local exchange. This ticket was logged last Tuesday. Apart from the automated nonsense, there has been NO update from PlusNet at all. Really really shameful on PlusNet's part, especially since when we try to call you on the 0845 number, we are not even given the oppurtunity to hold, we're simply told to call back later adn then cut off!!!
Take my money, but PLEASE, give me some broadband in return! :shock: :shock:

[Moderator's note by Mark (pcsni): Removed all caps from the title as this is considered rude and akin to shouting]

Lousy Support

You should be so lucky! I've had no sync for over a week now (died Saturday 13th) and my ticket seems to have gone to sleep too (19376559). I'm getting to the point where I might as well press the cease button as I have no service anyway.
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Lousy Support


I've chased this up and it is being tested further at the moment, an update should be added to the ticket shortly.

highcrest, I'm looking into your ticket now.

Lousy Support

I'll join this club. Initial Fault logged 11/5 (19359975) after 4 days with no response I thought it had probably been forgotten, so closed the fault and opened another on 15/5 (19388819). Having been escalated and 'some test' done, plusnet could not see any obvious fault. Have not had any update to my ticket since 17/5 15:02 (5 days ago).

I called on Saturday at 1am, to be told it had been escalated to BT (19429629).

I call this morning, to find it has NOT been escalted to BT, but is sitting in the DSL Faults pool, waiting for further tests.


At least all tell the same lie. I'm so frustrated, have now been almost 13 days without a connection.

Lousy Support

Yep, since MaxDSL - Plusnet's customer support has been absolutely pants!!

I used to hold them in high regard, but now it seems they are just as bad as many other ISPs.

Lousy Support

Posting on this forum seems to have gotten someone's attention. They have updated the ticket with a very very useless answer. Basically teh modem synced briefly, and so they are going to take the liberty to ASSUME that the problems have all gone and there is NO issue. How nice for them!

EXCEPT there has been NO sync with the exchange!

And then there's the long list of slightly condescending questions which I answered pre-emptively to start with....

"do you keep your mouse on the left or right side of the screen?"

PLEASE PLEASE send BT to resolve, as everything that can be tried has been tried and I would rather risk paying the BT charge, than to leave it to PN support to resolve!!!

Lousy Support

Finally a response from Plusnet, after they escalated it to BT. (19388819)
2 days later, BT have tested the line, and can't see a fault! So it get's bounced back to me, to do ALL the things that I did in the first place - reset router, unplug phones, change filter, change router. Like it's suddenly going to start working THIS time.

Oh...guess what? still doesn't I'll reply to that ticket and wait another few days for someone to look at it shall I.

15 days offline and counting.

Totally inept in every way

I was beginning to think I was going mad as have experienced the same total lack of support and no internet connection for 7 days. Surely somone at PlusNet can give a conclusive answer as to what the problem is and suggest a procedure for fixing it rather than give contradictary waffle about swoosh tests having been done and then not been done (due to an 'automated failure'). Then its been refererred to BT but actually no it hasn't. I wouldn't mind if they said - "look there's a problem, you'll be offline for x amount of days but this is what we're doing to fix it" but instead they're now telling me there isn't a problem. Unbeleivable.