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Lost emails! Could Cost a Fortune!!!


Lost emails! Could Cost a Fortune!!!

Just a quick post to see if anyone else has had the same problems as me!
I noticed I had not received any emails from my secondary email account for a while. So I Investigated it myself after having a heated discusion with an ebayer about not responding to my emails and threatening negative feedback etc.....and found that it had NOT been activated properly. This account I have used many times before (without trouble).
So then I ask if I will get the emails that had been sent to me prior to this and am told NO! What can I say!!!! POOR! (who knows what my emails might of said about my shares etc.....) Can I claim compensation if plusnets failure costs me a fortuneHuh? I doubt it very much!!! But I Must pay my monthly subscription on time!!! What do you thinkHuh?

RE: Lost emails! Could Cost a Fortune!!!

Dear Customer,

Apologies, but this must have just been a glitch.

Is the mailbox working now?

Kind Regards

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