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Lost e-mails arrived on Sunday

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Lost e-mails arrived on Sunday

Anyone else had a batch a various e-mails from the the last 6 weeks or so suddenly arrive on Sunday?

Lost e-mails arrived on Sunday

By the response it looks like you are alone in suffering this on the forum.

Are these emails from outside PlusNet?

A website I find useful when wanting to analyse where delays in email are occurring (when I can't be bothered to trawl through the headers manually) is this one. It'll let you know how long the steps in delivery took - according to the timestamps in the headers.

Hope this helps

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Lost e-mails arrived on Sunday

The delay may have been from the sender or an intermediate mail server finally finding or releasing some old emails - perhaps after a maintenence.

The above link should tell you where the delay was and thus if PN, you can raise a ticket to have it investigated.

I'm not aware of any work being done on the PN mail servers recently so suspect the delay is outside PN.
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Lost e-mails arrived on Sunday

We had a user report the arrival of an e-mail dated 27th September on Saturday 3rd December, mind you, the sender was on a BT mail account so anything could have happened in the mean time . . .
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Lost e-mails arrived on Sunday

Not yet - but I'm expecting it !

I am finding that on restarting my server, issuing the finger autoturn command reports that I have no mail to be dequeued. However over the rest of the evening mail slowly trickles in which has apparently been in limbo between and for up to 14 hours ( thanks to the earlier link posted ) and worse yet timestamped for the period prior to my finger command when mail would have gone to autoturn rather than my own server....

A ticket has been raised, returned and sent back again ( Insert CS comments here ) :-( Meanwhile it looks like anyone sending mail whilst my SMTP server is down is sending it into oblivion... Unless when this gets fixed I get a flood of old e-mails !