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Lost connection - Useless customer service


Lost connection - Useless customer service

My broadband connection was suddenly lost yesterday afternoon. I have tested my equipment and it is all working fine. There are no service issues reported on the website.

Exactly the same thing happened little over a month ago. After an appallingly slow process, with the worst level of customer service I have (quite honestly) ever experienced, the connection returned after about 2 weeks.

I need my connection. I have booked the week off work to do research and require the internet for this - I can't afford to waste this time. I ran up huge phone bills last time waiting over an hour at a time and often with no response. I don't want to do the same again. Tickets are answered so slowly I might as well have not sent them. I thought about migrating but even then I'd need to wait 7 days for a MAC.

It's ridiculous that I'm now having to pay by the minute for a dial-up service, when I'm subscribing to 4MB broadband.

Please can you investigate the problem (question 20023429) and get my connection working again. I have been with Plus Net for 4 years but the recent service is a joke.