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Lost all of my messages


Lost all of my messages

I have just tried the Beta Webmail, and tried to delete the junk.

However, when the page refereshed, it had also deleted all of the other messages as well (I had not selected them all).

Is there any way that you can retrieve and reinstate my messages from the last 72 Hours (since say 00:01 Hrs Tuesday)?
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Lost all of my messages

Sorry, no. This has been reported by others and does look like a problem with beta webmail but not everyone is seeing it.
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Lost all of my messages

Ive put a copy of all your mail back in your mailbox from a backup taken about an hour ago.....we dont usually do this but as i noticed the post.



Lost all of my messages

Looks like the Beta is more of a pre- pre- pre-Alpha

I'll try it again in six months or so when it might work!

Just have to hope that none of the lost emails were too important.