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Lost Email


Lost Email

Good Evening
Please take a look at the Question Posted to F9. Set 22/06/06 7.23pm and it has stiil not been resolved. I am paying £20+ for this.

I am not receiving or can send any Email for the domain

I have also got a redirect on which is also not working.

Please advise.


Patrick Kirkland

Your comment 8:07am, Friday 23rd June 2006
I have also sent Emails from work to

These are not even reaching my mailbox at force9.

What is going on, I do not pay £20 + a month for this to happen

P J Kirkland

James Somerville CSC Agent 8:34am, Friday 23rd June 2006
As previously advised on the telephone. I will perform a maintenance on the malbox. This should clear the problem for you. Please be aware that this takes around 4 hours to complete.

James Somerville

To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

Your comment 4:14pm, Friday 23rd June 2006
Its is now 16.10

I still have had no mail.

How am I to work from home, this is not what I pay for.

I need answer urgently.

Patrick Kirkland

Your comment 6:48pm, Friday 23rd June 2006
It has now been over 24 hours since my Email stopped.

This is not acceptable.