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Lost All My Email and Have Duplicate Mail Boxes


Lost All My Email and Have Duplicate Mail Boxes

I store all my mail on the Plus IMAP server under my mailbox 'ben'. This morning all my email was gone and investigation showed I have 6 'ben' mailboxes, loads of old redirections and mail boxes that I removed years ago. My default mail box has 'your new email box is provisioned' type messages for these. It's as I've been reprovisioned or had a mail box restore or something. I've had a call in with Plus for 9 hours now with no response.

Has anyone else seen this weirdness?

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Lost All My Email and Have Duplicate Mail Boxes

Take my advice and move your mail out from plusnet.

Due to all the email problems and dns issues which menat that my domain would probaly have repeatedly dissapeared of the net for hrs on end everytime the dns issue arose I moved all my mail from pn about 1 months ago.

Moving things out was the best decision I've made.

1and1 for about 28 per year will give you 20 imap, unlimited external domains hosted on the account and subdomains the list goes on...

So far I've not had one issue. In the same time with PN I have recieved many service status posts re mail, dns and other annoying issues. NO i just pity all those who have not made the jump.

It took me a while to do it and it's costs but if you value yor mail don't leave it to pn.

You may also wish to change your imap setup so that it downloads all new mail to your pc. That way if your email host does die then your mail is intact on your pc.

To be a useful tool IMAP needs to be set up slghtly different to the default.


Lost All My Email and Have Duplicate Mail Boxes

I actually choose to leave my email up on Plus on the assumption that they of course have resilient email clusters, whereas I don't. However, it would seem my assumption is not a good one...