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Loss off connection


Loss off connection

Can anybody help me?

I am experiencing random loss of connection to my voyager 105 usb modem.
The dsl light remains solid on but i cannot reconnect unless i disconnect and then reconnect the modem supply (or re boot the pc).

Has anybody else had this problem ?

It makes me think that the modem is faulty --- Why will it not work without being switched off and on again?

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Loss off connection

This could well be a power issue with the modem not quite getting enough of it from your motherboard.

Make sure you have the latest drivers for you motherboard and for the modem, it might also be worth trying a USB powered hub or USB->PCI card.

Stale ADSL session solving, Ivan

Hello Jason,

Yes! I've had this exact same problem, its called a stale ADSL session. The symptoms are the modem light remains solid and it looks like your modem is still in synch when in reality it has lost synch and no data can travel over the connection.

**No! nothing wrong with your USB modem either or the computer or drivers for the modem.

**Solution/Fixing the stale session:- To fix or solve a stale ADSL session you have to disconnection your machine from the phone line or just close down your system and leave the computer in a powered off or disconnected state for a period of atleast 30-40mins (1 hour would be perfect), this downtime forces the line card within the BT phone exchange to automatically rest itself. Once this has been done by the down time re-boot (switch back on!) your machine and reconnect. You should connect now without any problems, you will recieve a fresh ADSL connection session data will now travel across the connection as normal. Try that and see if that resolves it.


loss of connectiion

Hi Ivan

Thanks for your help. It does sound as though this could be the problem and your cure does seem logical but if you, like me have this problem every time you go on line doesn't it render your system virtualy unusable?
Also i find that i only need to switch the modem off and on again and it works ok (for a while at least) !!!

Many Thanks again for your help.



Loss off connection

Hi Jason,

No! stale ADSL sessions dont happen very frequently and when they do the symptoms are quite easily recognisable after it has happened a couple of times too you. Stale sessions should only happen occationally or once in a blue moon maybe once in a month or once in three to six months. If this problem is happening all the time then it doesnt suggest a stale session but some other connection related issue such as line noise or a poor SNR or other line problem. You need to take some line stats if your modem provides that feature or failing that you could ask F9 support if they might kindly run a whoosh test on your line to check your line conditions.

**It might depend upon how you run your system, I run mine exactly like a true server it runs 24/7 and rarely gets switched off or even rebooted for that matter. I've had maybe 4 stale sessions in 2 years of running ADSL. If you switch your system on and off alot then that might be part of the problem??

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Loss off connection

I agree with Ben, the most likely answer is that the modem is a naughty modem and tries to draw more power from the USB port than the port can supply, this causes no end of problems including frequent disconnections.

Some chipsets are much more likely to face this problem than others though, I believe older Via ones are most likely.

I did have the same problem when I first got DSL and a USB modem, changed to a PCI one, problem went away.