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Loss of service/connection


Loss of service/connection

I have recently been experiencing problems with my broadband connection at a similar time each day and wondered if this had anything to do with Plusnet's end of the connection or mine!

Basically, my router just disconnects and then constantly tries to reconnect between around 15:50 in the afternoon and I cannot re-establish a connection until the following morning.

I have been down the 'fault finding route on this site but to no avail.

I have read a thread found via Google about Solwise SAR130 routers overheating, but I haven't been able to establish as to whether or not this is the cause of my problem.

Is it possible for another local broadband connection to interrupt mine?

It's as if someone comes home from work, switches on their pc, connects to the internet, and in doing so, barrs my connection.

I don't use wireless and everything is hard-wired. I have checked my telephone connections/wiring etc but I am still experiencing this problem.

The fact that I can actually post this obviously means that things are fine at the moment, but you can bet your bottom-dollar that come 16:00 this afternoon, I'll not be able to connect at all.

Any tips/comments welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Loss of service/connection

Do you have any electrical things on a timeclock at that time.
Second thought - have a look outside - is this when the street lights come on and are any of them flashing instead of coming on properly.
If any of them are near overhead telephone wires it could mess up the signal quality.

Loss of service/connection

The only things I can think of are the central heating and the street light across the road.

C/H comes on at around 16:00, but I'm not sure about the street light.
Am an electrician by trade but I don't think they'd take kindly to me interferring with the street light! The light comes on via a photocell rather than a time clock, and there is a BT pole on the other side of the road from it.

I am not ruling this out, but could it really be the case that the switchgear inside the streetlight could actually interfere with the BT connection?

This problem only began on the 12th January and has been pretty much ongoing since then.
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Loss of service/connection

Yes, it has been known to cause problems with ADSL connections in the past. Other things that have caused problems include:

- Central Heating
- Christmas lights
- Washing machines
- Hi-Fi's

Loss of service/connection

Well, it happened again yesterday afternoon - 4:50pm and it lost the plot.

C/H comes on at 4 and it worked fine.

Not sure exactly when streetlight came on, but pretty soon after I lost all connectivity. Tried again at around half-past midnight - C/H had been off for about an hour by then - but still no joy.

Just wondering if the homegrown phone socket extension wiring I did is playing up.

Seems the C/H is on for around an hour, then the plot gets lost.
Wonder if telephone wire underfloorboards is wrapped round a C/H pipe which is getting warm?
Might this cause it?

Can't think of anything else.
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Loss of service/connection

have you tried pluggin directly into the master socket before the doom time occurs and see if it makes any difference.

i know moving computers is a pain but it will be worth it to test and rule out the extention

it may prove it is and save u further hassels

good luck

Loss of service/connection

Not tried moving the whole caboodle yet - last resort one that!

If I am experiencing problems due to external influences - such as the streetlight suggestion - Should I expect my immediate neighbour (wannadoo account) to experience similar problems?

I asked this morning and they haven't experienced any connectivity problems to date.

Just tryting to isolate fault down a little before I commit to hoofing the whole lot downstairs.

C/H has just beeen on for an hour so far and no probs.

Am watching for the streetlight!

Is there anything else which could introduce enough 'noise' on the phone line to cause this problem?

Someone switching on a hoover or other appliance next door for example?

I am a complete beginner on stuff like this, and don't really have a clue where to start.

When I first got broadband, I spent 4 hours on the phone to a guy in the Western Isle of Scotland, who having read my venting frustrations, kindly phoned me and walked me thru' the router setting-ip process.
I daren't touch the thing now for fear of losing the settings or something!

Short of rewring everything from the BT Master skt, I really don't know what to do next.

All this talk about line attenuation etc just leaves me in the dark!

What are the required steps for getting BT to check the line? And is there a charge for this?

This problem doesn't seemj to affect the actual telephone comms (voice) at all.

Thatx for the tips thus far.