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Loss of connection

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Registered: 28-07-2007

Loss of connection

For about four hours today I was unable get any access to the internet. Last night everything was OK. Today when I powered up at around 11am Internet Explorer and Outlook Express (the two main things I use) would not connect.

I have a D-Link DSL-G640T wireless router (although I am not currently using wireless). The Connection Status said it was Disconnected, and the Connect button had no effect. The DSL speed was 7296 Kbps so I presume I am in the process of being changed to MaxDSL (I think from 9 May). My 'stable rate' is still showing as 2000, and my speed test is usually around 1.9.

MS Messenger troubleshooter failed to find a DNS server.

I consider myself to be a 'novice' user and did not feel confident enough to try changing any settings in the router. So I just rebooted every hour, with the same effect, until around 3:15pm when suddenly everything was OK again.

I cannot find any comments on here about other people having similar problems, and I know that another PN user on the same exchange as me as been connected successfully throughout.

Can anyone offer any advice as to what the problem might be please?
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Registered: 30-07-2007

Loss of connection

I have had the very same issues in the past but mine was for much longer liek 10 hours :? but yes just liek yourself it went without warning and came back just like that :?