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Loss of Sync


Loss of Sync

Has anyone any idea why a line that has worked for well over a year albeit at only 500K (long line length and RED contention) should suddenly decide to lose sync?

Tests by PlusNet gave 'LBT' as a fault condition but subsequent reports back to BT show no faults at all - and still no sync.

All checks completed - substitution of known Filters and ADSL Modems produce exactly the same result.

Those nice people at PlusNet are on the case .....

I'm mystified - can anyone else throw any light on the matter?

Kind Regards

Harry Wilkinson/aka Hugh Milsom javascript:emoticon('Cool')
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Community Gaffer
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Loss of Sync

Could be almost anything TBH, from faulty kit to a broken line card at the exchange.

We'll only know for sure when BT Wholesale get back to us.

Kind Rgds,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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