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Login too laborious...


Login too laborious...

I know it's only a case of entering account name, password and clicking pop or imap but it's still a barrier. How long before you can offer the same ease of login as Hotmail with passport?

If nothing else please provide the ability to anchor your preference for pop or imap rather than have it default to pop on every login.


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Login too laborious...

I just let my browser remember the login/pass. I just click the button to login then. Simple.

Login too laborious...

The whole opening a fresh window thing is annoying, and today when logging on via two non-plus connections (one diallup one ADSL) the new webmail interface was so slow as to be completely unusable (5 mins to move from the login screen to the next type slowness). If it had thrown up problems on just one of those connections I'd've put it down to the other ISP but this way it looks more like a problem at the +net end.

Even the Simple interface involves far too much in the way of graphical prettiness for my money - when I want to log in quickly on someone else's PC, I don't need an Outlook clone, I need a simple and effective interface that does the job in minimal bandwidth. As things stand, I still prefer the old interface, for all that it can't display some of the emails I get.


There is one tricky element to the new system... it has 'webmail' in the URL address. This means that the 'rules' on our work system stop us from accessing the page! Any chance of removing the wording Webmail? It would be rather useful!