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Locked Forums.


Locked Forums.

Has anyone noticed that posts get locked when people talk about Plusnet that gives them a negative image?

Locked Forums.


We (the mods) are happy for people to discuss PN and highlight their faults and problems.

If a thread is locked, its because of a breach of one of the link:rules rather than because it shows PN in a bad light.

If you (or anybody) feels that a thread has been locked unfairly, please PM one of the Moderating team or one of the PN Comms team in the first instance.

Needless to say, this goes for any situation where you feel a Moderator has acted unfairly. We are only human, and of course may make mistakes occasionally. Wink

You only need to browse around these forums for a while, to see that there is a huge number of threads which are critical of PN, so long as discussion continues in line with the rules of the boards we have no problems with them.

Drop me a PM if there is something you would like me to look at in detail.
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Locked Forums.


As James says, nothing could be further from the truth.

The moderators, who are not related to or employed by Plusnet, allow far more "freedom of speech" than I for one think necessary. Very many pointless rants are tolerated, and even replied to. I myself have even been known to indulge in the odd anti-plusnet comment where I thought it necessary. :lol:

My own view is that if people are being constructive and/or asking for help, then that is fine. But people who wish simply to be abusive seem to think that they have the right to do so on the forums, and that we others should put up with it.

We see your kind of statement about censorship, locked posts etc. from people not familiar with the ways of the forum, but it is mistaken.

Re: Locked Forums.

Has anyone noticed that posts get locked when people talk about Plusnet that gives them a negative image?

seriously, if that was the case then there would be an awful lot of locked topics on the forum, the only one i can see is yours calling plus net thieves,
yes they have made a mistake but thats all it was.
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Locked Forums.

Nope, I don't think so.

I like many others on here, have been fairly critical of PlusNet (shall we say Smiley ). Check out my posting history.

Topics are usually locked because:

(a) Threads decend into personal attacks.
(b) The thread is a duplicate of another recent thread (so to avoid having two sets of replies).
(c) Threads become too long to manage (remeber the classic 50+ page Battlefield 2 connection, and the MaxDSL forget it ones?)
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Locked Forums.

Even I have posted quite a few Moans about Plusnet on here Smiley Particularly about the awful phone system and the inability to contact a human.

I have also moaned loudly about the Help and Support pages that were a nightmare to find how to raise a problem (ticket) and thankfully there is now light at the end of the tunnel with that issue as the system has now been improved.

So no threads are not locked just because they may be a moan about Plusnet but as mentioned by others above, it's normaly for other reasons such as personal attacks or they have wandered too far off topic.
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Locked Forums.

To which list add "provocative or conducive to flame wars" ...
I've had a thread locked and while it's irritating or upsetting in the heat of the moment, life's too short to wind yourself up into a state about it.