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Lite Cost Reduction & Broadband Plus

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Lite Cost Reduction & Broadband Plus

It's great news for Lite users! From Monday 4th April 2005 you will get even more data transfer for your money, because we're dropping the price of 'pre-pay' and 'pay as you go' data transfer.

Lite products are great value for money starting at just £14.99/mnth, and
customers can now enjoy almost a third off all their data transfer costs.

Additional data transfer will now be charged at:-

Pre-paid data transfer reduced to £1.00/GB (reduced from £1.50)
PAYG data transfer reduced to £1.25/GB (Reduced from £1.75)

We are sending out emails today to all those who will benefit from this price cut. Lite Customers can change included data transfer by visiting our website. The new prices will be effective from Monday.

Monday will also see the launch of a new product Broadband Plus, which we recently announced we would be offering. Priced from just £14.99 per month, Broadband Plus has a fixed monthly cost ideal for customers who want a straight-forward and fast Internet account for everyday use. More information about Broadband Plus can be found in our earlier announcement:-

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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