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Link for PAC code?


Link for PAC code?

Anyone point me to a link where I can obtain my PAC code? Been looking or the past 15 minutes iwth no joy. Don't use PlusNet enough to warrent paying £22 a month when I can go to Sky for £5pm.

anyone knows If there's any pitfalls to converting my account to dialup so I can still receive emails ie. do I have to dialin once a month etc?
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Link for PAC code?

Simply go to this page and follow the links for Account Management > Request A MAC key.

Is there any other reason apart from price making you want to leave? Have you seen the new products, you may find one of these more cost effective for you.

With regards to keeping a free dial-up account you need to dial-in or collect emails once every 90 days to keep it open.
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff

Link for PAC code?

Cheers Chris,

No I wasn't aware of the new products but at the end of the day PlusNet's £20 service is the same as Skys £5 If you are not fussed about webspace (plenty of free storage options out there). I've been keeping an eye on their performance and service via various review sites whilst watching PlusNets ever decreasing throughput, service, email availability etc. and have come to the conclusion that PlusNet is not worth the extra £200+ pa.

Chris, I've followed the link you suggested but there doesn't appear to be an obvious give me a MAC key button. The links I follow only come up with some pathetic and wholey untrue stats on why PlusNet are better than Sky. I think the 28% coverage is closer to 70%, I'm paying £18pm for my "very expense" additional service as you call it, It's a bit rich you slating their overseas support when you guys have been giving dubious customer support for the past year at least! Slating others is a dangerous game at best..

Can you post a link to a page where I can actually request a MAC key. Cheers.
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Link for PAC code?


This is the link you are looking for.

Just click on request a MAC key (moving to another broadband supplier) click on who you are wanting to move to and your MAC should be generated.

If your migration takes place, I would strongly suggest you re-visit the link and then click on "My Migration to another supplier has taken place"

I say this, because BT are notoriously slow in sending the information back to PN saying that the migration has happened, and what could happen is that PN then charge you for another month's service.

I hope this helps.