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Line stats

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Registered: 02-08-2007

Line stats

Hi there

I'm on a Business package here with Plusnet (the Premier 500) and seem to have just been bumped up to 2mbit.

The problem is, the speeds are worse than 500k at the moment. At home I'm a Cable broadbander and therefore have little experience with noise levels etc with ADSL. Below are my current stats pulled from the router - are these acceptable or is there a problem? If so, what's the resolution?

Connection Speed 2272 kbps / 288 kbps
Line Attenuation 46 db / 28 db
Noise Margin 17 db / 28 db

Many thanks!
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Line stats

Your downstream figure of 46 is marginal for 2Mb (top limit is technically 43), but should perform OK with your SNR margin. My figures are worse than yours and I've no problem.

If your figures were the problem, you'd see line dropouts, not slow speed.

May just be the sites you're accessing that are slow? Of you've hit a busy spell on Pn's servers?

Or possibly Pn haven't registered the upgrade on their records and are throttling your line to 512k. If that's the case, a call to support will sort it out in 3 minutes.

Line stats

If you have just been upgraded are you sure the throttle has been lifted by Plus net.

Might be worth posting a speed test or two or simply ring the Support team and ask if you are still being throttled.