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Line speeds - Upgrading to 4MB/8MB


Line speeds - Upgrading to 4MB/8MB

In a separate thread to the Usenet discussion as this can be locked when answered. Smiley

In light of the announcement today that the Usenet limits can be higher for the 4MB and 8MB premier accounts, I need something clarifying please.

When we say 4MB & 8MB accounts, does this do what it says on the tin? I'm sure i've read that the speed upgrades have not been forthcoming due to BT not upgrading the exchanges or something.

Could someone clarify this for me please and advise if they know of timescales for this to actually be in place?

(This assumes my line can support greater than 2MB of course.)
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Line speeds - Upgrading to 4MB/8MB


We're looking at getting commercial trials of the higher speeds up and running before christmas. However, to start off with this is just a limited numvber of exchanges, as chosen by BT. With the rest of the exchanges being upgraded early next year.

Line speeds - Upgrading to 4MB/8MB


Am I right in thinking these trials are in London? Is there a list or site somewhere I can refer to going forward to see when mine is upgraded?


Line speeds - Upgrading to 4MB/8MB

List is here
Informaiton is here

remember your line may not support 2+mbit. but u can still have the account purely for the higher usage limits, which i think is fair. having only say 1mbit will still allow you to download to near max with sup and usenet limtis no bother.

Basically tough luck if u cant get near 4mbit. Its just the way the bt network is. Sounds harsh but thats life

Line speeds - Upgrading to 4MB/8MB

Thanks guys. Mods feel free to lock this one if you like, my question has been fully answered.