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Line slow down


Line slow down


I was maxed a few weeks ago and always conenct at betwen 1700 and 1900 kbs. When i was first maxed I got dls of 156kbs for over a month. i noticed that this had dropped so I checked my modem - it had disconnect and synched low.
I reset it and the modem reconencted at 1800 and everythign was fine.
The next day I found that Interleaving had been turned on on my line and despite still being conencted at 1800 I culd no longer d'l above 100kbs. This has been going on for a couple of months now - despite never connecting below 1700 (that I know of) I can no longer get 150 kbs d'ls.
is there anythign you can do to change it back ? (i think my BRAS settign is now 1000...).

I know 50 kbs isn't much to some but it's a 50% improvement on what i have now..