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Line drop rate (maxdsl)


Line drop rate (maxdsl)

From 19April after maxdsl hit me has anyone else seen a MASSIVE connection drop, before this date I cant remember the last time.

On a side note (not to sound like a whining little b1tch) anyone seen the share price. Im starting to see why if this doesnt settle down asap.

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Raised: 2006-04-28 01:02:51 by: You
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Following the 10 days for the MaxDSL service. I have now lost any form of a reliable connection to the extent making online games inaccessible. Line speed from 1Mb to 1.4MB, service from good to unacceptable still drops often.

Is my connection drop rate going to improve past 10 days? As I was a happy customer on my old mutually agreed service, on request could it be reinstated?

While write this ticket the line was lost >4 times. This is not regarded as acceptable nor the service level used to offer. If I wanted this level of internet service I would have stayed with BT.

I wrote 4 times but in the past 20mins needed to reconnect/refresh almost every other page.
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Line drop rate (maxdsl)

unfortunatly this is problem with MaxDSL and every ISP (including BT Retail) is experiencing it, how severe depends on the individual connection and exchange.

ISPs can do very little about all this disruption as its down to BT wholesale and teh have no Service Level Agreement so they can basically do as they please

going by your dates tomorrow will be your tenth day of ttraining so things should begin so settle down again.

Line drop rate (maxdsl)

You would have thought so. But the only thing ive seen is the download rate fixed at 1.4Mb and not jumping hovering around 2.6Mb as it was erlier in the week. Drop rate hasnt change from 19 April. I have been wondering if I can Optout as ive not been asked or informed otherwise. I was VERY happy with up until the 19, so much so ive got a few referrals and helped a couple of friends do the same. when ever it comes up in forums ive always waved the PN flag. Not if this keeps going on.

Line drop rate (maxdsl)

My MaxDSL just started a few hours ago.. So far I have noticed 1 or 2 incidents where MSN closed down and then started back up again. I guess when I wake up sometime tomorrow afternoon (lol) I will probably be getting these disconnections aswell.

Funny thing is I have been watching my line stats and its dropping to 0 SNR and still holding the connection, it hasnt been above 6 SNR yet. :?

Sync says:
Data Rate Down: 4544 Up: 832 kbps

Speed test says:
Download Speed: 1888 kbps (236 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 449 kbps (56.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

I am quite happy, never seen my connection over 110KB before and upload was maxed at like 27k before. So yes, very pleased indeed so far lol, although I hope the upload speed goes a little higher as its only at residential speeds Tongue

After the 10 days it should stop training your line and you can expect a happy stable line again.

Funny though.. 0dB SNR lol :lol:

I've set my timer plug to disconnect in 2 hourly intervals for like 5 minutes so it keeps reconnecting at different speeds. I heard this is suppose to help?