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Line Stats - Ok for 2mB?


Line Stats - Ok for 2mB?

Recently got free upgrade but only got 1MB. Trying to convince PlusNet my line is OK for 2MB but appears to be an uphill struggle. never had any problems with my line, always stable even with new 1 MB. Realise things can be more unstable with faster speeds but thought my line was within limits specified?

Stats below from my DG834G router would appear Ok to me, anyone else like to comment?

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 1152 kbps 288 kbps
Line Attenuation 42 db 11 db
Noise Margin 21 db 29 db

Line Stats - Ok for 2mB?

Both attenuation and noise margin is fine for 2 mb at what your router is showing.

I have 2mb running fine on a line with a higher attenuation than your showing.........

I would try to get Plusnet to put a manual regrade through ?

Line Stats - Ok for 2mB?

As as been mentioned, the stats are used by BT and these are the people are the guys you need to convince via Plusnet.

The 43db is normally the threshold for a 2mb line. The only way to get your line upgraded if you are over these limits is via a manual order which was what PN did for me.

I have a dB level of 61dB and an SNR of between 7-10 using a Netgeat 834G (54Mbs) depending on weather. Theoretically I should not be able to get 2mb but my 2mb line holds very well. I get the odd dropout but only the odd one.

I can put up with that if I want to sustain my 2mb connection.