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Line Issues??


Line Issues??

My overall connection appears to have slowed this evening. I was of the belief that the network would preform better during Peak times because most of the 'heavy' downloading would be outside of those hours?

This afternoon at 3.19, the PN speed test returned a result of 4191.7kbps the highest figure from the last three months worth of results!

I just carried out (12.45pm) a BT speed test, it reported that I can reveive: 985kbps and I re-ran the PN test: 576.30kbps

Is there an issue on my line or is it just a crowded network in general?

Any help from those in the know will put my mind at rest!

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Line Issues??

Sorry but peak time means to me that more people are on line so speeds will be slower. Not the opposite as you seem to think?
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Line Issues??

4pm to midnight are the peak times for BB+ and Premier. The usage during that period is monitored. If people exceed the quotas allowed on the accounts they are placed on restrictions, so the heavier users avoid peak times. Also PN impose more throttling during that period to ensure that the best experience is given to browsing and email.

Speeds are better during the evening peak. You can see the sharp drop at 4pm on the graphs. E.g. the Broadband Traffic packets dropped (all gateways)

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Line Issues??

Noteworthy is that Gold traffic are once again being dropped. They were last being dropped in December. There was happiness I remember at the Gold traffic once again being to spec towards the middle of December. Of course this was obviously due to the Christmas slowdown rather than to the tinkering that Plusnet did with priorities :roll: