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Line Change Rip Off?


Line Change Rip Off?

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what happens if we need to move our Plusnet service from one line to another in the same premises?

I had a look at

It says

"Your new broadband connection details
Payment option"

"We can now cover the cost of moving your broadband. There is a £5.88 (inc VAT) admin charge that will be taken immediately and if you stay with us that's all you have to pay.

If you want to pay now, you can still do so."

It then gives you two options

1. Let us cover the cost†

2. Pay £52.88 inc VAT now

This makes you think that there has been a clerical error and that they put £5.88 instead of £52.88?

When you look up what the "†" refers to it just says

"† An admin fee of £5.88 is required. Payment by credit card/debit card only. Terms and conditions"

The terms and conditions does not refer to the usual terms and conditions, instead it takes you to a page that says:

Move My Broadband

Moving house can be a real headache. One thing you don't want to worry about is moving your broadband to your new home or office.

At PlusNet we're taking the hassle out of moving your broadband to your new address. There's no need to sign up for a new account, simply move your existing broadband account. There's a £5.88 admin fee that will be taken immediately and if you stay with us that's all you'll ever have to pay.

It pays to stay with PlusNet - just look at the table to see what you save, and when.

Move (Residential - inc VAT)

Year 1 - £47.00
Year 2 - £37.60
Year 3 - £28.20
Year 4 - £18.80
Year 5 - £9.40
Year 6 - £0.00

They then say:

For every year you stay with PlusNet we’ll reduce the cost of moving your broadband. What does this mean? If you cancel within a year of your move, then you will pay the full moving costs. For every year you stay we’ll reduce the cost of moving by £9.40 (inc VAT). After five years you're left with nothing at all to pay.

This seems to take NO ACCOUNT of how long I have been with them ALREADY.

My second line seems to have been cut off by BT after a mistake when the account name was changed after a death in the family.

So now I am faced with paying BT for reconnecting a line they should not have cut off or paying Plusnet £47 to move the line.

Meanwhile we have no broadband.

Right now I feel like moving the telephone and Internet to Talk Talk to teach them BOTH a lesson.

I can't discuss this rationally with BT because I get people in India who just argue with me saying it was not their fault and Plusnet is uncontactable by phone and takes forever to respond to my ticket.

We have had enough on to deal with a bereavment and although this is BT's mistake it seems that Plusnet could just transfer the line and not attach new terms.

Line Change Rip Off?

Changing from one line at a premises to another line at the same premises is to all intents and purposes exactly the same as moving house.

PN still have to pay BTw to provision the new line for ADSL.

The fee for the provision is £47 + VAT ( £5.88 )

Since PN have to pass the VAT through to the taxman straight away, you can't defer that portion of the fee, hence the £5.88 due immediately.

The £47 can be paid immediately too ( Total=£52.88 ), or deferred over 5 years, as per the 20% reduction each year that you included in your post.

Hope this makes it a bit clearer.

The only recourse I can see would be with BT if they have cancelled the line incorrectly. PN however are following the rule book for ADSL provisions.
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Line Change Rip Off?

Hi there,

If BT have cut the line off in error you can pursue this through their complaints procedure, however to reinstate your broadband BT Wholesale will charge us.

The deferred option works in the same way as a new sign up, the activation fee is reduced by 20% for every year you remain a customer.

Line Change Rip Off?

Rip off yes definetley!!

I asked for the mac address and have been quoted £67.00 to cancel my membership with PN. Even though I have been a Premier PN customer for over a year, and even though my account says annual it really is not the case and is in fact five years!!. Which other broadband ISP tie you down for 5 years without incurring a penaltyHuh

In light of the recent cheap broadbacnd market, you would think that PN would be a bit more customer orientated - waiting on the phone for 45 mins and having to hang up as I do have other things to do is not the way forward. I mailed a response to the CS team and nearly four days later still have not receieved a reposnse. When asking for payment etc, the response time is fractional from PN.

Not a happy customer but does PlusNet really care?Huh
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Line Change Rip Off?

Hi there,

Please see my response to your ticket.