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Limiting Modem Connection Speed


Limiting Modem Connection Speed


I just wonder if anybody can help me to limit my modem speed to 48000 bps. I have been looking at my modem log file for the past
week, and after applying the latest .inf file (dated three years ago !) to the modem, any connection to PlusNet has so far been
limited to 48000 and 49333 bps.

The modem is Motorola VoiceSURFR 56K, originally it was K56Flex, then I flash-upgraded it to V.90. The OS is Windows 98 (not 98 SE).

However, connecting at 49333 bps has generated frequent error 629 and lots of instant cut-offs (less than one minute after
logging to the server).
I am not bothered with the speed of my modem, as long as it gives me a stable connection, resulting in less dialling attempts, I will be very happy.

My attempt to change the settings for the modem under DUN has not worked. The option of "Only connect at this speed" is completely greyed so I can't use it.
I am not familiar with the use of dditional/init strings to tweak the modem.

By the way, I recently raised a Contact Us ticket to Tech Support,resulting in auto-refresh signal sent to my account.
Can you tell me what auto-refresh signal is ?

Thank you for your valuable help.

Kind regards,


RE: Limiting Modem Connection Speed


Take a look at . Here you will find a huge amount of initialisation strings to force your modem to behave in the way that you want it too. You will also find instruction on explaining exactly what to do with the strings. With regards to your question about auto refresh this basically refreshes the components of your account such as webspace, mailboxes etc should they become corrupt in some way.

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