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Your peak-time P2P, FTP and Usenet usage has exceeded the first level of
the Broadband Premier usage policy. To find out more about the published
usage limits please go to

Level 1 management has been applied to your service during peak hours for
P2P, FTP and Usenet. All other protocols are not affected by this change to
your service.

Your Broadband service will continue to be managed until your next billing
date at which time peak-time usage management will be removed. If your peak
usage continues to increase further peak-time usage management levels may
be applied to your service.

In order to avoid further management levels we would advise you to reduce
your usage and schedule large downloads outside the hours of 8am to

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind Regards,
PlusNet Customer Support


I've actully downloaded 35GB this month and ive NEVER had this email before since ive been with plus net for over a year. I did not know there was a limit since i changed over to Broadband Premier. If these limits stay then im off, I pay for a service on what i want.

Level 1 Up to 512Kbps 20 - 25GB

Is my speed going down to 512? If it is then im not going to be very happy.


Only your P2P/Usenet and FTP traffic will be limited to 512kbps all other traffic will not be limited. The reason this limit will have been applied is because you have used 20GB of P2P/Usenet/FTP bandwidth during the peak times of 4pm-midnight. The limit will be reset at the end of the billing month, but in the meantime could increase if you exceed the other limits setout on the page you linked to.
Unfortunately there is currently no way of knowing how much of the peak-time bandwidth you have used is classified as P2P/Usenet/FTP.