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Level of Service


Level of Service

I would just like to say Thank You to Plus Net, since moving from Pipex over to Plus Net in April 2005, I could not be happier with my service.

Apart from the odd time here and there the DNS might have gone pear shaped, the service has been great.

I was recently upgraded from 512kbps to 2Mb download, which has made a nice difference.

Having the Static IP address is also a god send, makes life easier getting access to your home system, when you are out and about.

Keep up the good work Plus Net!!

Regards :lol:

Level of Service

Yes, been with +net for almost a year now. Service excellent.

For example, we applied through the Upgrade option in the My Account section to go from BB+ to Premier and an automatice Ticket was generated at 3.30pm last Saturday. By 5.30pm on that same day this request had been actioned and completed. Now that is good!