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Level 1 BB+ usage management - Why?


Level 1 BB+ usage management - Why?

On Sunday I received an automated email telling me I had been placed on "Level 1 Broadband Plus usage management". After checking the PlusNet support pages I submitted the following ticket as I thought the website said BB+ has a 10GB limit.
I have just received an email saying "Level 1 Broadband Plus usage management has been applied" to my account. I have just been online to find out what this means and your sustainable usage page at clearly states that on a Plus account I would be sent a warning email when my peak usage reaches 8GB and only be managed when it reached 10GB. The VMBU page for my account currently only shows peak usage of 5.87GB this month, less than 60% of the level before management is applied!!!! Please explain why I have not received a warning email and immediately remove the "management" until I reach my 10GB peak usage as stated on your own pages.
The reply to this over a day later was:
Your account is a Broadband Plus account and thus the figures quoted are incorrect as they apply to Broadband Premier.
You can see the information regarding your account on the following page and selecting the Broadband Plus product from the list.
This didn't explain why the site said 10GB against Plus so:
Dear xxxx, you state the figures I've quoted are incorrect but they were taken from your own website from the link I provided! Following your link it appears that management is applied at 3GB(!) not the 10GB taken from your site. Why the discrepancy and surely I shouldn't be penalised for sticking to your published limit (10GB) taken directly from your help and support page? Regardless of this, why did I not receive a warning email as your site says I will? Finally, what effect will the management levels have on my usage as I can see no clear explanation? Thanks.
To which the eventual reply this morning is:
The 10GB limit is for permier customers. You are on our cheaper Plus package. You were e-mailed on sunday to let you know you had reaced level 1 usage. When you reace limits you will find that applications like P2P, USENET and FTP will slow down during peak time.

This totally ignores the question I asked 3 times as to why did I not receive a warning email and why does one page clearly state a 10GB limit while another state 3GB?

What is this 10GB limit and where does 3GB come from? Can someone please clearly explain what this is all about as PlusNet seem unable to answer straight questions clearly? It seems very unfair to penalise a customer for breaking a limit that has been incorrectly listed on PlusNet's website and still is showing as 10GB. Help please!
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Level 1 BB+ usage management - Why?

The peak time limits for your product are the ones described here:

The peak time management will start to be applied after 3GB of peak time usage. Any management will be lifted at your next billing date.

The Sustainable Usage Policy is there to protect the network. It is not a limit or a guideline for usage, it is there purely so that we can take necessary steps should product use become unsustainable.

Level 1 BB+ usage management - Why?

I have BB+ to the website at the time Never mentoin anything about download limits. Before all these limits came in it worked well now it is terrible.

Your wasting your time doing action tickets you will always get the same answer.

I am just letting my contract run out then I am gone, plus anyone who asks me about + net I tell them to stay away from it.