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Let me leave without this ridiculas charge !?!?!


Let me leave without this ridiculas charge !?!?!

Basically i want to leave Plusnet as we all know they are a joke !! I cannot afford £114 to leave. Now what i don't get is why I am paying for a service I am clearly not receiving. Why should I have to pay this fee when Plusnet have changed almost everything i signed up for. I signed up for originally :-

1 month contract
2 Meg @ £14.99
Changed to £21.99 so i could have a better contention ratio !! Summit like 50:1 PN Plus & 20 or 30:1 For Premier.
Then the service changed, from 2 meg to up to 2 meg !
Now there is no contention ratio ?

I dont understand why I should have to pay when plusnet can change there service if and when they please. Let me know what you guys think. Cheers Alan

Let me leave without this ridiculas charge !?!?!

If Plusnet changed the T&C's on you then you can leave within 14 days of them being changed and not have to pay to remainder of the contract. However, you will still have to pay any deferred fees, such as line activation (£47) free modem (£25) etc.

The 2mb service has always been "upto 2mb" simply because BT can't guarantee that speed to every building.

Moderators note by John (johnessex) Word can changed to can't as I'm sure thats what you meant.

Let me leave without this ridiculas charge !?!?!


I am sure im missing something here. Where did the £114 come from?
As the above poster has pointed out, if on monthly contract your looking at a maximum possible £47 + £25 (47 for line activation and 25 for hardware ) which is a gran total of, £73.
Are you sure your on monthly and not annual?