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Legacy accounts (the forgotten few)

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Legacy accounts (the forgotten few)

It’s obvious from the problems I, and many others have been having that PN’s ‘automated’ procedures do not pick up the legacy products.

MaxDSL upgrade had to be done manually (not given priority that had been paid for)
Not transferred to new account (billing date 3rd)
No new VMBU. (Have had my name added to a list of those missed)
Still stuck on 2Mb download speed (yet to raise a ticket on this)

In hindsight it would have been better if I had downgraded to one of the standard products a month ago.

My account is slowly being sorted BUT only because I read this forum

Would anyone from PN like to suggest a way forward for the legacy customers so we are not left to rot in a corner.

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Re: Legacy accounts (the forgotten few)

Still stuck on 2Mb download speed (yet to raise a ticket on this)

It isn't just legacy product users who have problems with this - it seems to be anyone who had their router online when the upgrade happened.

There's no point in raising a ticket about this until at least 3 days after the upgrade and possibly 10. I think a sticky with advise about this is called for.
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