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Leaving questions (not a moan!!)


Leaving questions (not a moan!!)


I'm moving into a new house and am signing up for Telewest there. The house I'm leaving will not want to continue my PlusNet account, but may want the option to have BT-based broadband in future. I'll therefore be cancelling my Plus account.

I was wondering if anyone can answer the following:
1. Do I need to request a MAC key or can I just cancel the account? (Mainly from the point of view of being able to sign up to any ISP in future at my present address.)
2. There is a 30-day cancellation period - is my broadband still active during that time? Basically, I'm getting connected to Telewest on the 16th, after which I basically won't need my PlusNet account (but I must have access to broadband for work until then) - should I cancel asap?
3. When I signed up to broadband, I upgraded a payg dial-up account and retained my username, email account, etc. Is it possible to downgrade my existing account back to payg dial-up so I can still receive any email sent to this account?


(PS, reason for not moving my account was that Freeview reception is poor so Telewest was my best option for digital TV (Sky too expensive), plus it generally worked out cheaper than BT+Plus)
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Leaving questions (not a moan!!)

You don't need a MAC code to cancel.

The only use you can make of a MAC is to migrate, without loss of service, to another ISP on the same telephone line. Its no use if there is to be a gap in service before someone decides to buy Broadband in the future. MAC's need to be used within 30 day anyhow. And they are not used for transfering an ADSL service to another customer else.

The default result of cancelling a PN ADSL account is to be left with a dial-up PAYG.

You need to give notice to cancel (see the T&C's). You pay for the service during this period and of course you can continue to use it.

At what point you cancel prior to getting you new cable service set up is up to you. Do you want to take the risk of your new provider not coming up with the goods? It all depends on how important contunued service is to you and what it costs to keep it going.