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Leaving plusnet


Leaving plusnet

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In order to cancel your service, you must request this with ourselves and
meet any notice period and outstanding contractual commitments before we
are able to close your account. We will not automatically cancel your
account as a result of the current cease request and as such you will
continue to be billed, even if you are no longer receiving the service. If
you do wish to cancel your account, please raise a new question through our
help assistant:

Its a bit difficult finding the correct service to use, typical of Plusnet. I would have thought asking for my MAC code would be sufficient even for plusnet to know that I wanted to leave. I have migrated to SKY please do not bill me any more. PLEASE I HAVE LEFT PLUSNET.

They intend to keep billing me even thogh I have left, thats got to be a no brainer. With Sky now no problem, faster speeds and I can contact them by phone, so the grass is green on the other side of the fence. And its free.
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Leaving plusnet


Please see my response to your ticket.

It is worth noting that within the ticket path there is a specific option to tell us that your migration is complete, but hopefully that's it all sorted for you now. Smiley