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Leaving plusnet


Leaving plusnet

I'm moving house, but will be staying with friends for a few weeks inbetween my lease being up here, and moving into the new palce.

So i want to cancel my account.

There is no cancel account option that i can see online.

When i phone plusnet i get an automated message 'all changes to your account can be made online, thankyou for calling plusnet, goodbye'

An automated service is hanging up on me, I'm disgusted by the lack of customer service, plusnet.'

When I leave, I want to talk to an actual human being about how i can pay for the starter package i took when i joined plusnet (i haven't been witht them long enough, so i'll be charged for leaving)

but if there is no way for me to cancel my account, then that just leaves me the option of cancelling the direct debit at my end, and moving anyway. something i don't want to do, as I'm willing to pay what i agreed to when i joined, but I don't want to be billed for a service i'm no longer using!

sort it out plusnet.

Leaving plusnet

Goto "Account Management" then click "Cancel My Product".

Easy, I'm doing it on Monday :shock:

Just done it. Tongue

Leaving plusnet

can you eplain in more detail? I cant see that anywhere!

I'm leaving my house this afternoon!